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Five Factor E
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Starting with Five Factor E

Five Factor E is available on the Python package repository: PyPI. You can easily install it using the following command:

pip install five-factor-e

By default, you can use the provided JSON dictionary with user responses. It’s accessible here: Default Answers Dictionary.

The id_select key represents the user’s Likert scale responses ranging from 1 to 5. You can explore the questions associated with these responses here: Questions.

from ipipneo import IpipNeo
import json, urllib.request
ipip = IpipNeo(question=120)
data = urllib.request.urlopen(""\
answers120 = json.loads(data)
res = IpipNeo(question=120).compute(sex="M", age=40, answers=answers120)
print(f"Result: {res}")

You can also use the inventory to test. Need to install the dependency:

pip install five-factor-e[quiz]

Now call the program:


After answering the inventory, the result will be something similar to this graph:


For more information, see directly in the project’s README or using Form.