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NeuroQuest AI Five Factor E

Automate Big Five personality scoring in Python. Calculate top five factors and sub-facets with ease.

Welcome to Five Factor E, a fully Open Source Python library for calculating Big Five personality scores. This library is based on IPIP and offers inventories with 300 and 120 items.

​​ Why Use Five Factor E?

If you are a Python developer looking to create an application that utilizes the Big Five inventory with questions and responses, Five Factor E can be a valuable asset. It is designed to simplify the integration of Big Five personality assessment into your projects.

Discover what Professor Dr. Johnson had to say about the Five Factor E:

“That is wonderful, …! Thank you for developing the Python version of the IPIP-NEO and making it publicly available. It looks like a great resource.” - Dr. Johnson

Johnson played a pivotal role in the development of brief, publicly available personality scales, such as the IPIP-NEO-120 and the IPIP-NEO-300. Without his public contributions, the construction of this library, which assesses the Big-Five through 120 and 300 questions, would not have been possible.

​​ Key Features

Versatility: Five Factor E supports both the IPIP with 300 items and the IPIP with 120 items. You can choose the version that best suits your project’s requirements.

  • Automatic Scoring: With just a JSON dictionary containing user responses to questions, Five Factor E automatically calculates scores for the top five personality factors and their sub-facets. This streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.
  • Reverse Scoring: Are you a researcher? For those needing to conduct tests with reverse scoring, Five Factor E offers full support for this functionality.
  • Completely free at no cost.

​​ Getting Started

Incorporating Five Factor E into your project is straightforward. Follow the instructions in our documentation to install and utilize the library based on your specific needs.

Thank you for choosing Five Factor E for your Big Five personality scoring needs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.