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NeuroQuest AI Persona Predict

Gain profound insights into individuals’ personalities with Persona Predict, an AI-powered service based on the Big Five Factors, enhancing your decision-making.

Unlock a deeper understanding of individuals with Persona Predict, our cutting-edge service powered by deep learning artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We analyze and extract valuable personality insights from written text, providing businesses with a structured approach based on the renowned psychological theory of the Big Five Factors. Elevate your understanding of customers and employees with Persona Predict and make more informed decisions. For more information, contact us using the Form.

It is important to note that we do not use third-party data or the former IBM Watson Personality Insights; our algorithms are based on the scales of the International Personality Item Pool.

Big Five and Sub-Facets

For more details on Person Predict, please refer to the About section. If you’re unfamiliar with the Big Five theory, check out the Beginner’s Guide for an introduction.

​​ Features