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NeuroQuest AI Power Skills

Elevate your professional prowess with NeuroQuest’s AI-driven Power Skills, sculpted from your own words to unleash a tailored pathway to success. Explore and refine your potential.

In the current dynamic and highly competitive landscape, the development of Power Skills emerges as a vital element for both personal and professional progress. Through our advanced AI service, devised by NeuroQuest AI, we employ sophisticated techniques of natural language processing and deep learning with neural networks to identify and enhance the crucial competencies of future professionals. In collaboration with specialised psychologists, we refine these skills based on recognised theories such as the Big Five model. Additionally, we extract fundamental socio-emotional competencies based on the OECD framework and individual vocational inclinations as established by ORVIS.

It is important to note that we do not use third-party data or the former IBM Watson Personality Insights; our algorithms are based on the scales of the International Personality Item Pool.

Power Skills

Annually, the World Economic Forum (WEF) publishes the key competencies for the future professional in its report titled The Future of Jobs We rely on these reports to shape and develop competencies:

Power Skills List 1

Power Skills List 2

It is essential to emphasize that these competencies are extracted from the text or audio crafted by the author. This unique approach from NeuroQuest AI allows for customization and adaptation of Power Skills according to the individual expression of each professional.

Welcome to NeuroQuest’s Power Skills - artificial intelligence driving professional excellence, where technical knowledge meets the power of human skills. This comprehensive set of competencies reflects not only the diversity of technical skills but also the importance of interpersonal and emotional skills in an ever-evolving professional world.

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​​ Features

  • Native support for English and Portuguese languages, as well as a multi-language version encompassing over 100 languages;
  • You can use audio or text to extract the skills;
  • Personalized PDF report with your Power Skills;
  • More than 50 items extracted to be analyzed.